I need your support on STARTNEXT!

Aktualisiert: Juli 21

For about a year now, my team and I have been working on a project that won our heart. The project is called Diamond and is the official music video for my new song. Since music videos usually involve immense costs, only a few of them are produced nowadays. Either you are an artist with a major label or you take the whole thing into your own hands. So I took it into my own hands.

You can support me on STARTNEXT. In return, I'm going to give you some nice presents. Just pick out the ones that suit you.

A project like this naturally comes with a cost. From the catering of the whole team, to the procurement of various utensils and expenses, I have financed everything out of my own pocket. Actually the plan was to refinance this project with gigs or concerts, but this is not possible due to the current Covid19 restrictions. So if you have some diamonds left, I would be happy if you could support this great project with them. :)

I am happy about every support.

Stay healthy and see you soon

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