“We are alive, can you feel rhythm” is the motto of Janosh’s new track “Diamant”. After over a year in production, the tune and video are now available in all the usual channels for his epic music. “Diamant” is about overcoming hard times, persevering and winning. We all have “this one thing” in our life, this diamond, that encourages us to carry on. Especially in the most hopeless situations, people are what make our lives worth living. Let us set an example and show that together we are stronger. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s our diamond to you! What is yours?“


Janosh delivers and Urban Wildlife does not hesitate to publish and promote the finished 4 Track EP "Galaxy". His opening tune "Help!" and the mighty track "Again" proves his ability to forge sounds with a crowbar and smash them onto the dance floor . "Again" creates a fantastic sound wall that will give you goose bumps. "Shining Lights", on the other hand, suddenly shows a more emotional level of Janosh. His self-sung vocals on the rough Liquid Roller blend wonderfully. The tune begins with cuddly complacency, picks you up and rewards you with pure ecstasy. Finally, the closer "Nova" concludes Janosh's first chapter as a DnB producer in a friendly and trance-like and futuristic manner making you want to tip your hat. Ladies and Gents: Janosh C + P 2018 Urban Wildlife Records



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